About us

Expert in real estate engineering since 1996

We are an independent company recognized by our Customers. We put our experience and expertise at your service to study and monitor operations of different sizes and types in the real estate sector (tertiary, mixed-use, housing, etc.).

Our skills in the construction trades allow us to have an expanded offer to give you personalized and innovative solutions.


Let's re-invent real estate

We have succeeded in acquiring, diversifying and preserving our Clientele thanks to our services and our know-how recognized for many years. A rigorous and attentive approach to each need is always the starting point for the study of new files and allows us to apply the ROM “method”, which forms our DNA.
7 main principles thus form our DNA, real markers for each project and for our teams:

Analyze each parameter to assist our Clients in defining the right strategy and the right scope of actions for their projects.

Assist our clients in defining the strategy and feasibility of their project

Integrate the client’s position and, through our expertise, know how to defend his interests as if they were our own,

Maintain an objective of proximity to the file with strict respect for quality, planning, and budget,

Be available and attentive to all the interlocutors of a file (Customer, Suppliers, Lessees, etc.),

Ensure that everyone’s contractual commitments are respected, knowing how to identify and anticipate the actions to be taken,

Work sites are areas with many interactions and stakeholders: knowing how to preserve and maintain everyone’s safety.

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