To meet the needs of our customers as much as possible, we have developed a variety of skills and professions.
Our scope of action is linked to our Projects, which allows us to provide specific or more global services.

ROM activity mainly includes 4 major sectors

Project Management

For always successful Project Management.
Our vision of AMO consists of our ability to deliver a project while respecting 6 excellence criteria : quality, deadlines, budget, contractual commitments, risk aversion and maintaining exemplary safety.

Project mastery
Design and execution

Design and Execution of renovation or new construction projects.
Our team of architects and engineers design and carry out projects allowing users to enjoy everyday spaces.


Technical Management & Audits
Portfolio management and sales / purchase assistance

Management of real estate portfolios and assistance in the acquisition or sale of assets.
The day-to-day management of buildings and the relationship with users are the keys to good asset management.
Our Technical Management & Audits department also has strong expertise in technical advice on asset arbitrage.

General contractor
A comprehensive and integrated approach

Our teams from the “General Contracting” department, in partnership with our Customers, study the feasibility of the most ambitious projects and carry them out with constant control over set objectives.