Project display

After having successfully carried out a technical advisory mission on behalf of the client for the the lease discussions, the Client wished to continue its collaboration with ROM for the realization of the Project imagined by an architectural firm. A veritable showcase, inserted in a prestigious address, the owner’s premises combine the contemporary service sector with the cosiness of a Haussmann apartment.

The premises thus benefit from these two universes with technologies and woodwork communicating in a soothing environment conducive to work. Working with renowned partners, ROM pushes the quality of the interior design to its maximum, making it possible to achieve the performance and qualities targeted by the Customer, while maintaining the planned budget.


QCA – Paris



Contracting authority


From a renovated office building, let’s create a Haussmannian

This achievement is not part of a Haussmannian building but of an office building that meets the classic codes of this destination. However, and although renovated, ROM has actively worked to adapt the latter to the specific needs of the Owner (movable walls, technologies, acoustics, staff, etc.).

To limit the COVID-19 impacts and secure companions such as the Project Owner

Although taking place in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, ROM has maintained its teams and those of its subcontractors for a large part of the lockdown period. All the protective measures and barriers have been put in place. This allowed us to limit the slippage of the schedule and to best meet the Customer’s needs.