Project display

ROM supports the GROUPAMA group on many themes. Following the delivery of GROUPAMA NORD EST headquarters in Reims, ROM is currently working on the project for Paris headquarters of GROUPAMA PARIS VAL DE LOIRE regional fund.

The project, consisting in the construction of a volume of approximately 3,500 m² within a real estate complex of 15,000 m², was brought in by EIFFAGE IMMOBILIER and entrusted to EIFFAGE CONSTRUCTION. The building will open during summer 2020.


1 rue du docteur Ténine – Antony


2019 – 2020

Contracting authority


Several MADAs to facilitate installation

In order to allow the installation of the employees of GROUPAMA Paris Val de Loire, EIFFAGE IMMOBILIER and the Client have set up several MADAs (Early Disposition). ROM actively worked on the planning and drafting of the exhibits.

To bring technique into a dense space of equipment

To meet the needs of GROUPAMA PVL, EIFFAGE IMMOBILIER has installed additional equipment on the roof, in an area already abundant in technical installations. ROM’s role was to coordinate the BET advice of GROUPAMA and to negotiate with EIFFAGE IMMOBILIER, in order to obtain the desired project within the available budget.