Project display

New site in the portfolio of assets that we manage on behalf of LEFT BANK, 17 bis Villiers is made up of two office buildings, facing each other, and responding to two generations of buildings. Although inserted in a small discreet

passage, this site is spread over more than 5,000 m² with two renowned signatures. Its particularity: a common courtyard which serves the two buildings and which benefits from specific landscaping services.


18 bis, rue de Villiers – Levallois-Perret


2019 – Present

Contracting authority


Two types of tenants …

When it took over the site, ROM adapted to the situation, particularly the rental situation, and the coexistence of two different tenants. The first, present for many years, knows the site “by heart”. The second, new, needed for his business model to take over the building immediately.

… and a suitable response for everyone.

ROM has been able to meet the needs of both parties. For the first, take back works requiring immediate maintenance or replacement; for the second, provide technical support to ensure that it is successfully installed as quickly as possible.