Project display

The Mathurins site is one of ROM most complex and interesting real estate experiences.
Started in 2011 with LBO FRANCE and LINKCITY, this project consists of the development and creation of a new urban and landscaped block in the centre of Bagneux. This project, deploying more than 250,000 m² of SDP, will help create a new district within Bagneux,

grouping together housing, social and mixed housing, as well as offices and shopping area.
For this Project, ROM is supporting LBO FRANCE with two subjects :
•  AMO for the realization of roadworks and soil injections
•  AMO for the development of the tertiary sector, still held by LBO FRANCE


4, rue des Mathurins – Bagneux


2019 – Present

Contracting authority


Injections for soil servicing

Following the sale of the residential part to BNP PARIBAS, ROM continued its support mission in order to allow compliance with the specifications, schedules and budgeted costs

The Y building, the future standard of the contemporary office

In addition to its assistance mission, ROM is leading discussions and design with all of the Project Management with a view to restructuring Building Y.
This major restructuring is intended to make the Y building a true standard-bearer of expertise and French property management, for delivery in conjunction with that of the new Les Mathurins district.