Project display

The Beside Tower is an IGH anchored in the heart of Puteaux. This tower (made up of two interdependent buildings) faces the Town Hall of Puteaux and offers a breath-taking view of Paris and La Défense. ROM acts as AMO for this Project, for which the objectives are numerous:
[1] completely change the facade of the building,

[2] offer a new experience on the ground floor,
[3] technically update the Tower
[4] all in an occupied environment.
With more than 14,000 m² and a dense urban environment, this Project is one of the most ambitious and motivating that an AMO can encounter.


5 rue Chantecoq – Puteaux



Contracting authority


A Project carried out in an occupied environment

One of the challenges of this Project is the completion of a multitude of tasks in a busy environment. With more than 70% occupancy, ROM must daily ensure that the Project is feasible under these occupancy conditions and take into account the prerequisites of each party.

To adapt the structure to the constraints of the facade

Another challenge of this Program is to succeed in combining the technical needs of a contemporary and efficient facade with the existing structure of the building. The studies, jointly carried out by BORDAS + PEIRO and ARCORA, have made it possible to identify and plan solutions to act on the existing  building without disturbing the operation of the tower.

Photo credit : @STUDIO MONTAZAMI.