Project display

As part of its Parisian development, LBO FRANCE acquired in 2012 an off-plan from SODEARIF in order to build premium housing buildings at 46-50 rue de la Pompe. LBO FRANCE called on ROM to provide technical support

for this operation of 41 housing units.
ROM’s mission therefore consisted in supporting the completion of descriptive notices and the deed, monitoring work and project modifications, until final delivery to buyers.


46-50 rue de la Pompe – Paris


2013 – 2015

Contracting authority


Three universes to coexist

Built on a former Renault garage, this site also brings together three universes, the premium for home ownership, exceptional social housing and a crèche; all forming a balanced and dynamic microcosm.

Exemplary architecture

ROM worked for a long time alongside SODEARIF and its architect, HARDEL & LE BIHAN, to finalize the project and make it possible to meet the needs of the investor, but also of future buyers.

Photo credit : @HARDEL & LE BIHAN – Vincent Fillon.