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ROM has been working in the sector for several years. After renovating the 6EME SENS residence in Magny-le-Hongre, ROM supported BATIPART in the acquisition and monitoring of the Villages Nature Project. With more than 750 homes and around 24,000 m² of facilities (Aqualagon, shops, farm buildings),

this titanic project has profoundly changed the economic look of the sector.
Combining architecture close to nature but contemporary, noble materials but in the controlled sector, technology and proximity, Villages Nature offers an incredible experience.


Villages Nature– Bailly-Romainvilliers


2015 – 2018

Contracting authoritary


Technicality at the service of architecture

In order to get the Aqualagon out of the ground, it was necessary to have major foundations and structures built. The wooden structure, in glued laminated timber, has also been the subject of very extensive design studies, but which has produced the result that we know today.
Another special feature of the Project is that the entire site is connected to a geothermal source installed for the occasion at the entrance to the site.

Manage the scale

One of the characteristics of ROM’s mission was to manage the scope of the Project and in particular during the reception phases to which all of our teams took part.

Photo credit : @JACQUES FERRIER.