Project display

ROM has been supporting BATIPART in its various real estate projects since 2014, whether for offices (such as Le Jade, rented to GROUPE LAGARDERE and AMP VISUAL TV) or leisure (various Center Parks, acquisitions, etc.).
For this project, ROM provided its expertise by supporting BATIPART in its relationship with its Lessee, CLUB MED, in particular to ensure the successful completion of the major restructuring project of this hotel complex.
The Project itself had 2 components, the

restructuring of the hotel and its extension, leading to a real estate complex of over 30,000 m², comprising both rooms and numerous services (restaurants, spa, swimming pools, sky rooms, children’s areas). The architecture of the extension, provided by CAP ARCHITECTURE, brings a renewal and a contemporary link to the Alpine architecture of the initial building. Open early 2020, the property complex now offers the performance and quality necessary for the Premium reception of CLUB MED customers.


Route de l’héliport – Alpes d’Huez


2018 – 2020

Type – Mission

Hôtellerie – AMO

Contracting authority


Work in an alpine environment

The site of La Sarenne is remarkable for its architecture and its works, but also for the context in which the works had to be carried out. Working in this geographic area requires specific knowledge of the environment (management of foundations, constructive requirements linked to snow) but also a precise organization (management of the comings and goings of loads from the valley, knowing how to take into account climatic and tourist seasons).

An upscale hotel complex

CLUB MED commitment to upscale also characterizes la Sarenne Projet. All services were revised upwards, both technically and architecturally. The extension created, facing the valley, also meets this need, combining standing and proximity to nature.